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Terms in SRW OG
August 15, 2009, 3:42 pm
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Personal Troopers(PT)
Extra-Over Technology(EOT)
Extra-Over Technology Investigative Committee(EOTI)
Earth Federal Government(EFG)
Earth Federation Army(EFA)
Armor Mobile(AM)

Story of SRW OG2
August 15, 2009, 3:37 pm
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The year is 187 S.E. It’s
been six months since the
DC War against the Divine
Crusaders and the L5
Campaign against the
aliens known as the

In the aftermath, the
Earth Federation Army
(EFA) was forced to
restructure due to the
severe casualities it
suffered, even among its
leaders. Brian Midcrid,
once President of the
United Colonies, was
elected as the new Earth
Federation President.

Previously, he had
disclosed information on
the L5 Conflict to the
Federal Assembly. This
disclosure, later called
“The Tokyo Manifest,”
revealed the existence
of extraterrestrials who
possed a threat to the
survival of mankind.

Since then, President
Midcrid has announced
the Aegis Project, a plan
to rebuild and rearm the
EFA. He’s asked for
solidarity among all the
inhabitants of Earth. In
the name of the project,
he began to fortify the
planet by developing new
humanoid mechs and mass-
producing them.

However, trouble lurks
in the shadows…

Remnants of the Divine
Crusaders, a group once
led by Dr. Bian Zoldark,
along with individuals in
the Federal government
and the EFA, are scheming
to establish a military
And the forces working
in the Shadows,
as well as the mysterious
entities called “Einsts,”
will plunge
the human race
into even greater depths
of chaos…

Story of SRW OG
August 15, 2009, 3:29 pm
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Nearly two centuries ago,
the human race advanced into
space, ushering in the dawn
of a new era-The Space Era.

Due to the devastation
and turmoil caused by
the meteors that struck
Earth in the early years
of the 21 st century,
human life changed
little over time.

In 179 S.E., a third meteor,
Meteor 3, struct the Earth
near the Marquesas Islands
in the South Pacific.

A research team dispatched
by Earth Federal
Government(EFG) discovered
that Meteor 3 consisted of
substances containing
technology previously
unknown to man. They called
this new technology
Extra-Over Technology(EOT).

Further analyses were
conducted by the EOT
Investigative Committee
(EOTI) under the strict
supervision of the EOT

Upon conclusion of the
investigation, Dr. Bian
Zoldark, the head of EOTI,
reported to the EFG and
the Earth Federation Army
that an invasion by
extraterrestrial beings
was highly probable.

The EFG took the warning
seriously, and the
development of Personal
Troopers, humanoid mobile
units, began…

Mecha Analysis
August 10, 2009, 8:14 am
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1. Definition of Good Mecha :
– Good mecha doesn’t need to have a lot of moves that waste yer money too upgrade it
– Good mecha have a move that can be used after moving one square to another square
& have decent ranged weapon
– Good mecha need to have good pilot to maximized it potential use.
Example : Kai have a chain attack skill and his stat’s pilot(melee and his defense) is much better
than Tasuku so because of that I advice you to put Kai in Ganduro
2. Mecha type
Real robot is a mech that has size less than L, good evasion, has lower hitpoints
and have lower armor than super robot, can equip extra armaments.
This type generally depend on evasion to survive in battle. Example : Huckebein, Gespents, etc
Advice : Real Robots should focus on mobility since their best way to survive in battle.

Super robot is robot that generally all Large and LL size units, have an incredible
amount of weapons, tons of armor and HP. Many of the Super Robots weapons are useless however,
and their best attacks tend to drain alot of Energy , have a Low Ammom count,
Require High Amounts of Morale or even All of the above. Example : SRX, Grungust, etc
Advice : Super Robots should focus on HP and Armor since they are your tanks

3. Mecha category and Function :
sweeper is a mecha that can produce massive amount of damage ya will be surprised how fast general enemy
being sweeped by a legion of sweeper assisted one another. Super robots are categaorized as sweeper
because it has big damage.
weakpoint : the super robot ussually have an extraordinary lack of speed and accuracy
and have a worst ranged attack.(this type can be countered by sniper &

sniper is mech that has good range weapon. It will help you to reduce the amount of enemy who move
toward yer team couse of it ranged weapon can reach 8 square ahead and have high
accuracy. Example : weissritter, ausenseiter, wildfalken, Valsione, etc
weakpoint : if the enemy can cacth you in close combat batle, “YER DEAD MEAT” if you
didn’t have high mobility since all sniper have worst close combat attack.

doesn’t really need it but it wasn’t a bad Idea to have it at least 1 in your team.
it function was to set the enemy stand still on it’s position(you ask why you need
too do this? you’l find out eventually.) the annoyer must have extremelly high mobility
and a pilot who’s expert in agility and accuracy, doesn’t really need high damage attack,
it’s damn good if has Double Image. Example : Cysbuster, Valsione, Lichkeit, etc
weakpoint : don’t you try to attack general enemy that can cast “lock on”!

Need at least one in every battle since it have abillity to recover HP,Resupply or command
aura that increase the mobility and acuuracy.
plus point : Don’t need to levelling it up. you will surprissed how high it level can
goes just by restoring friendly unit HP/EN

well you will naturally bring one in each battle. yep the MOTHERSHIP can save your punny
little SNIPER from blasted away for receiving lethal attack.
my advice : try using Hagane/Kurogane/Hiryu as a shield because it has E Field that reduced
by 1500 when WILL exceeds by 120

There is some mecha that i figured out was a combination of 2 or 3 category that i have
explained above i Called my best Combination as A Demolisher. a combination between
Sweeper, Annoyer, & a Minimum skill that Sniper Need(Good ranged weapon).
Vysaga and Lichkeit was a Good Example of this type.

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