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Basics of Suparobo Gakuen
September 12, 2009, 10:34 am
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The game is due to launch at the August 27th, but since this is the interwebs, it seems it’s out somewhere yet again. Most (if not all) of the info here comes from either GameFAQs forum or the Japanese Wiki for the game.

  • The game uses a system similar to the VS battle from XBox 360’s SRW XO.
  • There are no series specific BGM: no openings songs, no remixes, no ripped songs (as of yet).
  • Lots of units for K series (even enemy bosses), but mostly main character units from W, J or D.
  • Double slot feature gives parts and coins: so far, J’s known to give a part named Heroine Trio.

Read more for info on starting units and a summary of how the battle goes.
Starting units

Starting Units

Basic Gameplay

  • Units have costs, and a team can have 5 units at most with total cost of 15
  • Only 2 units participate in a battle, others stay as reserves
  • 6 teams at most, chosen at the start of the battle, and cannot be changed during it
  • Battle terrain is chosen at random, there are units that can change it as its special ability
  • No pilot swapping, and same units with different pilots are considered as separate units
  • Exchanging a unit during a battle costs the whole turn, but unit’s special ability can be activated at random
  • There’s a choice of play-style before choosing your movements that give advantages if won (there’s a table that tells if your play-style wins, loses or draws)
  • All choices have time-limit
  • All movements, seishins and attacks cost AP: the more AP it costs, more time it takes to activate during the round
  • Only one attack per unit per turn
  • After choosing the movements, a timeline starts with your units actions marked
  • Wins when opponent’s deck is annihilated or surrenders
  • Units have Janken marks that makes their stats different (for same units): Rock benefits attack, Scissor benefits defense and Paper benefits balance, and the winning symbol also raises damage
  • The EN is shared between units

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