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New System Info on SRW Neo
September 12, 2009, 11:28 am
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Another week, another Famitsu scan from SRW Hotnews. This week’s scans show a few interesting gameplay system updates:

Siege System

The area around a unit is divided into 4 sections. When ally units surround the enemy at these sections, the attack power of your units grow as you target such enemy.

2 examples:

  1. surround with 2 units: the 3rd attacking unit gains 30% attack up and 20% accuracy up
  2. surround with 4 units: the 5th attacking unit gains 60% attack up and 50% accuracy up

Seishin Level

The usual seishin system gains levels that will change its effectiveness or cost. As an example, the Lock-on seishin costs less the higher the level.

Also, the scans shows that a unit can choose which seishin to use even during enemy turns, before choosing a reaction to an attack.

Combination Attacks

  • Double Burning Fire: Mazinger + Great Mazinger
  • Fire Crash Don: Ryuknight Zephyr and Ryuknight Magidora

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