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SRW Neo Original Characters
September 12, 2009, 11:43 am
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Finally some new info on SRW Neo! This time the scans from SRW Hotnews reveal the Banpresto Originals. Updated with new system info from complete scan. All non-Japanese name spellings are guesses:

  • The main character is Kakeru Inaba, a 17 year old high school student who lives alone with his younger brother due to his parents being out abroad all the time. He accidentally becomes the pilot of Sigzall (spelling?), a robot from another world.
  • Amane Inaba is Kakeru’s younger brother (yes, brother!), a boy concerned about his girly appearance. He becomes the core of Sigzall’s mothership Ionia.
  • Sharlie Lunoille (Shal) is a 19 year old girl who researches archeology with her elder brother at the outer world. She rides the Mervelle to aid her research and is capable of raiding the rival corporation Ernst’s fortress on her own.
  • Chaos Rail is the leader of Archeology Research Organization Ernst, a 346 year old woman who wants to protect the world from invaders.
  • Rivalis Muilove is the captain of Ernst’s combat forces, a 21 years old man who is capable of sacrificing himself for Chaos.
  • Breakthrough Attack (Toppa Kougeki): an attack type similar to a Map Attack, which can target enemy units without wounding ally units, during a unit’s movement. The scan shows Domon performing a Chokyuu Haoh Den’eidan.
  • Push (Oshidashi) system: a weapon with the Push ability can push enemies around the map when hit. The Push is level based, sending the opponent further when higher the level.
  • Additional damage from pushing: a target gets additional damage from push if it falls from high grounds (fall damage, 2000), hits another unit (crash damage, 1000) or hits an obstacle like a building, wall or even the map edge (pressure damage, 1000)

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