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Story of SRW A
October 9, 2009, 12:21 pm
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Universal Century 0XXX.
The One Year War and the Gripps Conflict… After going through those two great
wars, Earth has earned some governmental peace. Mars has been succeeding its
terraforming, and wounds from Titans’ rebellion were healing. Earth’s renewal
was occuring in a high pace.

… At this point a disturbing event happens.

After losing their home planet and becoming wanderes, the people from Balm
wanted to join Earth’s civilization, and initiated a peaceful negociation.
Chances of they being accepted by the space colonies made Earth Federation to
take easy on it’s peace meeting.


In the peaceful meeting with Balmlings, the worst of the events, the
“Assassination of the Peace Ambassador”, throws everything into war.

In the middle of this chaos on Earth, in the Lunar Empire of Giganos…
Minister Gilthor concludes that this situation was created by the imcompetence
of the Earthnoids, and declares independence and starts a war against Earth.
And to make things worse, the constructed city of Mars is attacked by surprise
by an anonymous enemy, and the Hyakki Empire restarts an advance against Earth.

And this way, Earth is again engulfed into the fires of war.

Earth Federation couldn’t take care of all this sudden conflicts, and only one
thing was done, the 13th Earth Federation Autonomous Corps, Londo Bell, was

But… The Londo Bell Squad doesn’t realize at this time about the hidden truth
of the war, about the ones from the “the extremely far, limitlessly near

And even that “they” are the ones that breath into this fire.

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