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Story of SRW J
October 9, 2009, 12:36 pm
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Humanity have taken a great step being able to go out into space
as far as Mars, however they have not mentally matured and
solved their numerous problems with each others. The race of
genetically modified people Coordinators have emerged and the
gigantic ship called Orphan has arisen from the bottoms of the
sea. A Martian relic is found and many immigrated to the
terraformed Mars. People had hoped for a new age but with the
rapid changes come dissent and strife.

The Coordinators who have been driven into space by fear from
the Natural have established new colonies called Plants but the
Natural have begun to fear the independence movement of the
Coordinators. Those calling themselves Reclaimer have also
invaded and establish a base in Orphan although these facts are
hidden from people.

Cosmic Era year 69

From out of nowhere come the unmanned machines invading the
Martian settlement. The Federation that fought and lose against
these unmanned machines began a retreat from Mars leaving many
settlers still abandoned there. These machines now called the
Jovian Lizards have dropped Tulips onto the Earth which Jovian
mech have appeared from thus putting the Earth into a

There are those who have used this confusion and panic to
achieve their own ends and the voice against the Coordinator who
wishes total independence from the Natural-led Federation
continues to grow.

It is now Cosmic Era year 70
The battle with the Jovian Lizards has not yet concluded and
amidst the tension between Coordinator and Natural, the company
Nergal has completed its new battleship “Nadesico” and the story
begins here….

The day of Judgment is near…

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