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Story of SRW K
October 9, 2009, 12:42 pm
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STORYTIME! “Several hundred years after the fall of human civ-” Wait,
where was I? Oh yes *ahem*:

It was a time roughly one hundred years into the future, shortly after the
inauguration of the “Stellar Calendar”. Mankind had just awakened from its
old cultures, having progressed to building metropolises in space. Optimism
about Earth’s future was universal.

It was at that moment that the Earth was plunged into the depths of a lengthy
war. Mankind had already faced the onslaught of empress Himika’s “Great Jama
Empire” some fifty years previous, followed a decade or so later by the
invastion of the “Mimetic Beasts”. These creatures, foretold by Professor
Aoi Tetsuya, were accompanied by a rash of disappearances and abductions —
more than enough to instill fear and distrust of the unknown in mankind. It
was during these decades that the schism between the genetically optimized
“Coordinators” and unmodified “Naturals” grew too large for society to

The Great Jama Empire’s advance was halted that half-century ago by
mysterious barriers called “Zones”, which trapped the Jama on Kyuushuu. The
Mimetic Beasts have also disppeared at the climax of the five-year War of the
Titans. With these menaces past and Earth’s cities rebuilt, everyone assumed
peace had returned to the world.

Yet in the shadow of the recovery, relations between Naturals and
Coordinators had worsened to the brink of open warfare. That war finally
erupted between the Earth Federation Army and the Zaft, secretly spurred on
by the evil Doctor Hell’s machinations toward world domination. It took two
years, and the death of the ringleaders on all sides, to quell the fighting.

A half year has passed since peace returned, and the scars of war are still
fresh upon mankind. The people are doing their utmost to hang onto their
peace, so hard won, and spending their days quietly. It is Stellar Calendar
year 105, and no one has realized that a new terror is approaching head-on…

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