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Tokyo Game Show 2009 Info for SRW Neo
December 21, 2009, 11:07 am
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There are quite a few sites reporting what’s going on at Tokyo Game Show 2009 about SRW Neo. GPara’s site has an article with lots of pics of the demo stage, but there’s also a Japanese blog entry which reports some gameplay details as well.

Gpara’s pics shows a few attacks:

  • Triangle Crush, Ganbar Team (Ganabarugar)
  • Queen Sidron Tornado, Daisaider and Yaripanther (Lamune)
  • Sekiha Tenkyoken, Domon Kasshu (G Gundam)
  • Liger Slash, Ken Taiga (Liger)

According to the blog, the demo stage consisted of a few main character units from series along with Schicksal and Ionia.

Units impressions

  • Liger: initially has 3 attacks (Dengeki Punch, Dengeki Kick, Liger Sword). Once reaching 120 morale, turns automatically into Fire Liger and unlocks Liger Slash. At the demo stage, Liger was riding Pegaruder, having Mai and Yui as subpilots. Liger uses Pega Lancer at Liger Slash.
  • Dolga: enemy unit, also turns into Dolga Dragon once reaching required morale.
  • King Sccasher: 5 weapons (sword, shield boomerang, Silcorn [sp?] summon, hurricane etc), Tama Q has Trust and Gain, Lamunes has Valor and Vigor and 2 more seishins.
  • Queen Sidron: ally at demo, uses Queen Sidron Tornado. Dasaider had a special dialog just for the demo stage.
  • Raijin-oh: had a pretty high evasion rate, Shiratori has Accel.
  • Ganbaruger: Triangle Crush, BGM is the opening song. Rumor of an Eldoran special?
  • Gosaurer: support pilots have Cheer and Bless, but no one seemed to have Accel.
  • Daitei-oh: supports have Luck and Effort.
  • Ryuknight Zephyr: strongest attack Crush Don could be used early, had also Invincible.
  • God Gundam: initially, 3 weapons (Machine Cannon, God Slash and God Slash Typhoon). At 120 morale, turns into Hyper Mode, can use Sekiha Tenkyoken. Domon has Spirit (Kiai).
  • New Getter: Getter Tomahawk is obviously a curved type weapon.
  • Schicksal: Schick Cavalry and Schick Van.
  • Ionia: only 1 attack (Io Killer), map animation.

Seishins and levels

  • New Seishin Pursue (Tsuifuu?) casts Accel into chosen unit, must be near target.
  • Invincible cuts damage by 75%, 85% and 95%
  • Focus adds 20%, 30% and 40% into evasion and accuracy
  • Valor adds 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 multiplier into attack
  • Spirit (Kiai) adds 5, 10 and 15 into morale
  • Guard absorbs 35%, 50% and 75% of damage
  • Accel, Pursue and Strike didn’t seem to have levels


  • SP Recovery: all units seemed to recover a few Seishin points at the start of turn (perhaps demo only?)
  • Parts are now Items, Energy Stone included
  • Battleship launching seems different: choose unit, choose air or land, place it near battleship, move unit as normal
  • Pilot stats down to Attack, Defense, Accuracy and Evasion

Source:  ikusagami

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