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WiP: PG 00 Raiser #00

We’ve got to start somewhere, so lets start right with the box.  I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures around the net, and while the box looks pretty huge, it is actually much more compact than I was expecting.  Not to say that it’s small, just much more compact.

So here’s the box with the stand.

Comparin with a regular HGUC box, you can get the idea that the stand is the same size as an HGUC box.

Comparing it with an MG Zaku II box, one of the compact ones.

Now here’s the real comparison, you can see now that the 00 Raiser box ends up being shorter than the PG Astray box.

The PG Astray box is also taller, but the 00 Raiser box is wider.

An English description, that actually makes sense.

Opening it up we find that the two boxes are seperated for the respective models.

For a total of 50 plus runners.

Which will lead to a lot of plastic bags to throw away.

The intruction manual is in full color, with the usual bits and pieces of info.

But the most interesting part is the full genealogy chart of the 0 Gundam

Quite amazing to see how they trace all the designs from the show, manga, variants, and so on.

So overall the PG 00 Raiser comes much more compact than expected, but there is still 50+ runners waiting to be snipped. Next up I’ll be starting the WiP from the Raiser itself.

Source: americansalaryman

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