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More on Exceed Characters
January 16, 2010, 10:05 am
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More scans on Endless Frontier Exceed via SRW Hotnews, this time detailing on Support Character as well as the antagonists. Also, a new PV is available at the official site’s Movie section.

On previous scans it was mentioned that there would be more characters available to choose as support, not only the mecha ones:

  • Fighter Roar: his true name is Kouta Azuma, a boy who wears the Roar Armor, which enbodies the spirit of Warrior Roar. He was teleported to Endless Frontier and fights to go back to his world.
  • M.O.M.O.:  she ends up in Endless Frontier searching for KOS-MOS.
  • Previous enemy characters are now selectable as Support: Anne Sirene, Dorothy Mistral and Koma.
  • Cindy Bird: Aledy’s master and protector of the tower where Arkwon sleeps

Other characters of importance:

  • Gelda Milovoire: Gelda of the Frozen Mirror, she’s a Shura leader and Cindy’s rival.
  • Heimlen Silverd: a young Shura and also Aledy’s Rival. He’s known as the Heimlen of the Puppeteer Song, and controls his enemies using his flute.
  • Locke Eye: his appearance resembles a demon, but is full of mysteries. He’s specialized in summon spells, and calls beasts from another world.
  • Rig The Guard: a warrior who once fought Aledy. Specialized in melee skills, after fighting Shuras he learned to copy his opponent’s abilities.

Source: Ikusagami

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