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More scans for Exceed
January 16, 2010, 10:07 am
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This week’s Famitsu scans (via SRW Hotnews) show some bits of info about characters’ special attacks and other:

  • Aledy’s Souha no Kamae casts Awaken, which raises max COM to 120%, and Drive, which heals 50% of COM, to all allies.
  • Aschen’s Code Anfisbaena (spelling?) attacks 2 characters randomly (allies included), causing them to stun.
  • Neige’s Secret Live casts several seishin to all allies, from Uplift to Dance and Fighting Spirit.
  • Axel & Alfimi’s Mabui Kurai damages enemies while absorbing HP.
  • Suzuka’s Jakigun Tokyo Revival Fest heals and revives allies.
  • The E Gauge warns players about Forced Evasion: the E Gauge grows as enemies are hit, and once full, they have a chance to do a Forced Evasion if the players misses a combo.

Source: Ikusagami

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