SRW and Gundam HOTNEWS

Technical and Combat Informations of GX-9900 Gundam X

The most powerful Gundam-type mobile suit developed by the United Nations Earthduring the end of the 7th Space War, the Gundam X is the only Gundam equipped with a Satellite Cannon, which is capable of destroying a space colony with a single shot. To use the weapon a Newtype must use the Flash System of the suit to contact the lunar station on the moon to receive the energy in form of a microwave beam. As another safety measure the Satellite System and the suit at large can only be activated by a removeable G-Controller.

Like the other UNE Gundams, the Flash System of the Gundam X can be used to control a large number of Bit Mobile Suits in the GX’ case the FX-9900 GX-Bit.

Besides the satellite cannon, the Gundam X is also equipped with a standard set of weapons including a large beam sword, four breast mounted vulcan guns and a shield buster rifle, which, as its name implies, doubles as a shield as well as a beam rifle. The Vultures which have salvaged Gundam X units also added optional armament to the suit, including f.e. a holster shield of a buster sheath rifle.

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