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Gundam Unicorn ova 1
February 25, 2010, 11:38 am
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great animation…fuckin beautiful shit. rather talk heavy but it was still entertaining. i piss on the ending tho…just as the protagonist gets his suit its over. as i’ve said in a previous post, i don’t have high hopes for this series…the plot from what i know of it, is fucking stupid. the animation makes it worth watching so far tho…tho i expect as the story progresses into stupidity, as i know it will, i’ll find myself less and less caring about the quality animation lol.

and wtf is with all the alias shit in this story lol. can’t just call her mineva; u gotta pretend she’s some bitch named audrey for awhile…which first off is about as effective a cover as quattro’s sunglasses, u didn’t even change the character design u just aged it. at least puru twelve (pilot of the Kshatriya) looks different than the original two puru’s cuz they gave her a different haircut….then don’t even get me started on full frontal (who has only been mentioned in the anime so far). i knew he would be the real char, it was obvious…so they elected to do something even fuckin stupider and take the required char clone in every series to a whole new level of dumb.

then we have the full psychoframe of the unicorn and its eventual full armor mode…i don’t even wanna start on my rant about lack of piloting skill, and gift-wrapped god-modes again…

this first ova was pretty good tho…talk heavy but entertaining. if ur not a seasoned gundam fan tho its probably confusing as fuck tho, but at this point given the length of the u.c. timeline thats pretty much guranteed. they can’t do exposition on the one year war, gryps conflict, 1st neo-zeon war, and 2nd neo zeon war to set this shit up…the whole first ova would be exposition lol. none the less it probably makes the ep incredibly boring if u dont know the past of u.c.

the action of course is fuckin awesome due to the animation mainly. tho i would have liked to see the unicorn get to do more in the first ova…i also don’t like him immediately going to ntd mode, again i’m not a fan of instant god-mode. i mean if amuro can stop a meteor the size of a state with his mind with a cock-pit only psychoframe an entire suit being a psychoframe should let this fuck shoot mind bullets or some shit. he already made a psychic shield blocking a good ten beam shots (i didn’t count its a guess so don’t be an asshole who corrects the count) while transforming to ntd…which a psychic beam barrier in u.c. is old news but i mean REALLY first fight he’s doing it? at least kamille didn’t do it till the very end of Z.

i also have to mention i’m surprised and impressed that bangher can fight…like fist fight. usually u take a pilot out the suit he ain’t got shit, hence char’s idea to get amuro into a fencing duel in a baou qu. now don’t get me wrong char and amuro  could both handle themselves outside their suits cuz the beat the shit out of each other out of their suits at least twice i remember…but bangher actually had some real martials moves, thats a rarity. sure kamille knew karate (which is a shit art but thats a whole nother blog lol) but we never saw him use it. so an actually bad ass out of his suit is rarely shown in gundam…hell only one i can think of really is ali from 00.

moral of the story good ep, main suit is obviously overpowered and it hasn’t even done anything yet lol, bangher is surprisingly a good fighter, the plot is fine now but will quickly derail into stupidity. so watch enjoy the animation, and be glad the story isn’t dumb yet.

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i agree bout almost everything except for the stupidity…at least its not too unrelistic compare to the seed series…


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