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Masou Kishin – Lord Of Elementals Characters

More Lord of Elementals characters and Masoukis are presented on this week’s Famitsu scans (from SRW Hotnews):

  • Shu Shirakawa: a genius scientist and Masaki’s rival.
  • Granzon: a mech with great defense equipped with heavy artillery.
  • Mio Sasuga: an ordinary high school student who’s the successor to ride the Zamzeed.
  • Presia Zenosakis: a girl who considers Masaki as her big brother, pilots the Diablo.
  • Diablo: base mech for the mass production type, uses the power of the fairy of forests.
  • Zein: a Masouki powered by the fairy of snow, piloted by Simonne.
  • Norus Ray: a priest mech with the power of healing, piloted by Senia.
  • Deenforce: powered by the fairy of electricity, a melee based mech piloted by Yan-long
  • Monica and Saphine are mentioned/shown in the screenshots.


Masou Kishin – Lord of Elementals

If you ever thought nothing could beat the word count of Super Robot Taisen OG Saga – Endless Frontier Exceed, try this one: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga – Masou Kishin – The Lord of Elementals.

Yes, a brand new remake of the famous SRW EX Masou Kishin game from the SNES era right into the DS, announced just a few weeks after the release of Exceed. It seems like they aren’t wasting time trying to open holes into our pockets.

I can’t make out much from the scans aside from the visuals and the fact that Banpresto is indeed colaborating with Winkysoft in this one after a long rumored trouble. And I can’t comment much either for the fact that I have never played the old game and only seen what’s shown of Cybuster from the OG and Alpha series.

Update: some info from Terada’s post at the official blog.

It seems he wanted to bring back the Masou Kishin series since the early 2000’s, but never could fit it into his schedule. At the time, he was busy working on Compact and Alpha, as well as other spin-off stuff, so he could never go back to the original series (SRW 2 to 4 and F Final).

So his idea to fit the Masou Kishin back was to reset the original timeline and thus the OG series was born. This remake will mention names regarding events at the surface related to the OG version, instead of the original. Also, the original BGM will remain unchanged, and there will be no voices during attacks, just a few voices at specific map attacks like the original.

Update 2: the 1st PV and a few more info from Terada at the official blog:

* Just like the original version, the remake will have two parts, with something called “Memorial Day” in between.

* No robot encyclopedia, but there’s a glossary.

* No Support Attack or Defense, though there are special gameplay systems that were present in the original.

* There’s no A***** because he’s an original from Z.