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Masou Kishin – Lord Of Elementals Characters

More Lord of Elementals characters and Masoukis are presented on this week’s Famitsu scans (from SRW Hotnews):

  • Shu Shirakawa: a genius scientist and Masaki’s rival.
  • Granzon: a mech with great defense equipped with heavy artillery.
  • Mio Sasuga: an ordinary high school student who’s the successor to ride the Zamzeed.
  • Presia Zenosakis: a girl who considers Masaki as her big brother, pilots the Diablo.
  • Diablo: base mech for the mass production type, uses the power of the fairy of forests.
  • Zein: a Masouki powered by the fairy of snow, piloted by Simonne.
  • Norus Ray: a priest mech with the power of healing, piloted by Senia.
  • Deenforce: powered by the fairy of electricity, a melee based mech piloted by Yan-long
  • Monica and Saphine are mentioned/shown in the screenshots.


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