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NDS Bios and Firmware
December 19, 2010, 10:05 pm
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Playing NDS games using No$gba on the latest (since 2.5 above i guess) doesn’t need to use ‘real’ Nintendo DS bios and firmware anymore. but just in case you wanna go for the ‘ultimate’ perfect bios and firmware emulation on no$gba, doesn’t hurt to keep using the real bios and firmware ^_^ (i didn’t see any difference so far about compability)

clik button to download


the file included on download are GBABIOS.ROM DSBIOS7.ROM DSBIOS9.ROM and FIRMWARE.BIN, simply put those file inside no$gba folder. if you wanna star emulation using those bios and firmware, go to emulation setting, and change “Reset/STartup entry point” option to “GBA Bios”. and then don’t forget to save changes, and restart emulation.


to play a game (NDS rom) using real bios and firmware, you need to use an encrypted rom. normally, dumped rom (you can find that a lot on the internet), are already decrypted, so you need to get that rom encrypted ‘again’. the application used to encrypt NDS rom can be found on downloaded archive. read teh instruction on how to use it.


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hey nice job now only if the nocashier driver would work D:!!!

Comment by sonic

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