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Alt Eisen Profile

Unit Name: Alt Eisen
Model Number: PTX-003C
Height: 22.2 Meters
Weight: 85.4 Tons
Pilot: Kyosuke Nanbu
Weapons: Triple Machine Cannon, Split Missile, Heat Horn, Revolving Stake, Square Claymore, and Trump Card.

It’s a custom unit that was developed for the Personal Trooper enhancement plan’s ATX Project, and uses the PTX-003 Gespenst Type T as a base. The development concept of the Alt Eisen was “to break through enemy forces with absolute firepower.”

It specializes in close to mid ranged combat, and is equipped with solid weapons only. Its right hand is equipped with a Revolving Stake and its left hand has a Triple Machine Cannon. It also has two large Square Claymore boxes on its shoulders. It was built without the use of EOT.

The concept failed, due to the unit being extremely unbalanced. With the exception of Kyosuke Nanbu, no other pilots were able to use the unit effectively. It’s the only unit that was created due to the high production cost cancelling the line. Its codename is “Gespenst MK-III.” Alt Eisen means “Old Iron” in German.

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