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Brooklyn Luckfield Profile

Brooklyn Luckfield
Pilot Name: Brooklyn Luckfield
Voice Actor: Tomokazu Sugita
Group: ATX Team
Nickname: Bullet
Theme Song: Ace Attacker, Us 2 Enemies None (Koryuou)
Units Piloted: Gespenst MK-II TT, Huckebein MK-II, Grungust, Grungust Type-3 (Unit 1 and 3), Koouki, Koryuou, Raiko Kai, Shin Koryuou
Games Appeared: Super Hero Sakusen, Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Original Generation, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

18 years old. He’s a member of the ATX Team, and his call sign is Assault 3. His rank is Second Lieutenant. His nickname is Bullet. He’s skilled in kendo, and is trained by Master Rishu. He has great respect for Zengar, since he was also trained by Master Rishu. He falls in love with Kusuha during their first encounter. Excellen teases him all the time because of his shyness towards Kusuha. After the war with the Aerogators, he works with Kyosuke and Excellen in order to eliminate the DC remnants at the North American Langley base. He has excellent psychic powers and becomes the pilot of Koryuou.

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