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SRW D Game Menu
October 17, 2009, 11:45 am
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SRW D Game Menu

SRW D Game Menu
October 9, 2009, 12:49 pm
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SRW D Game Menu

Story of SRW D
October 9, 2009, 12:22 pm
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The Earth had been through many events over the past couple of decades.
During the Space year 109, The Zentradi war happened giving humanity first
contact with an alien race. It ended with peace between the two races thanks
to Lynn Minmei’s song and the SDF Skull Squadron pilot Ichijo Hikaru that
lead a part of the Zentadi to make peace. These Zentradi would later help
rebuild the Earth but Earth was still devastated by the War. Many people went
out into Space Colonies afterward and plans were made for Voyage Ship
carrying a city of people to new planets to colonize.

At Space Year 123 The Invaders first appeared on the moon and the Getter
Robo were created to fight them by Professor Saotome. The Invaders were
apparently wiped out.

At Space Year 129 The colonies which were devastated by the Zentradi war and
the Invader and was not cared for by the Federation began a revolt against
Earth Government lead by the Zeons in what became known as the One Year War,
in which the Federation won partly in thanks to Amuro Rei and the RX-78

During Space Year 130, Dr. Saotome soon seemingly died by the hands of
someone close to him shortly after his daughter Michelle died in a Getter
Robo G Combination practice

During Space Year 133, Professor Saotome turned up alive but insane and try
to used a legion of mass produced Getter Robo G to create the last days of
Earth. The reZult left the Earth permeated with Getter Radiation that would
take years to settle.

Other wars soon engulfed the Earth such as the Grips War against the Titans
and more during Space Year 137,138. During Space Year 145. OZ, a force much
like the Titans staged a successful Coup’ and assumed power in the
Federation. Meanwhile, a New Neo Zeon under the leadership of Char Aznable
prepared to send Axis hurtling towards Earth.