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Mobile Suit Gundam F91(1991)
October 21, 2009, 11:03 am
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Gundam F91

Originally planned as a full-length television series, Gundam F91 hit a production snag due to staff disputes, and the project was stopped after the screenplays for the first thirteen episodes were written. It was then decided that what was made of the show would be condensed into a theatrical feature film. Predictably, condensing a story originally intended to be told over the course of fifty half-hour episodes into less than two hours of screen time required much of the original story to be cut, and the results are generally regarded as less than satisfactory.

The story of Gundam F91 revolves around teenage space colonist Seabook Arno, his girlfriend Cecily Fairchild, and the efforts of the Crossbone Vanguard militia, led by Cecily’s grandfather Meitzer Ronah, to establish an aristocracy known as “Cosmo Babylonia”. In keeping with Gundam tradition, the civilian Seabook is forced by circumstance to pilot the F91 Gundam, coincidentally designed in part by his estranged mother, Dr. Monica Arno.

The Gundam F91 story was fleshed out in much greater detail in Tomino’s two-part novelization. Tomino’s manga, Crossbone Gundam, is a direct sequel which takes place ten years after the events of the movie.

Also notable is the music composed for the film. Many of the occurring themes are amazingly similar to those of John Williams’ score for Empire Strikes Back (1980) of the Star Wars saga. For example, the opening notations for the Crossbone Vanguard and the Imperial March are nearly identical, as are those between the F91 battle theme and Empire’s escape from Bespin. This could be a play around on the remarks made by western audiences involving similarities between the Gundam series and Star Wars, but it’s not been confirmed