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Lyrics: Pride – Gundam SEED Destiny (2nd Opening Song)
August 1, 2010, 2:33 pm
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Hakanaku chitta hikari ga
Bokura wo ima yobi samasu
Kanashimi wa oto wo tate
Kieru ano basho kara

Ikuzo wake up michi naru mirai he
Sa mukau kaze ni hane hirogete
It’s a futatsu to nai chikara umidashi tobi tatsu
Fuan PURASU PRIDE mune ni fly

Samayou sadame kasuka ni egao furete
Dakiau kono shunkan

Fukaku aisuru yuuki to kibou tsuyoku
Kanjiru kono kioku ga
Karamiau kokoro to KOKORO wo tsunaide
Ugoki dashiteru

Kagayaku hikari ga terashi
Bokura wo ima yobi okosu
Tachiagari oto wo tate
Kizamu ano basho kara

Kesenai kizu ato kodoku to fuan yurete
Sonzai kara toozakaru
Soshite furueru senaka ni tsume wo tatete

Fukai zetsubou ga osou
Yami ni shizunda yoru demo
Inori sae todoku nara
Towa ni shinji tsuzuke yo

Tashika na hokori wo mune ni
Bokura wa michibikareteku
Hane hiroge tobitatou
Tsuyoku egaita sora

Kagayaku hikari ga terashi
Bokura wo ima yobi okosu
Hibikiau oto wo tate
Kizamu kono basho kara
Towa ni shinji tsuzukete

Naki tsukareta jibun wo hanate
Inori wa ima tsuujiru sa dakara
Ugokidashita mirai he to susume
Michi wa hateshi naku tsuzuku mada mada
Nozomu nara te ni irero
Azayaka ni kagayaite iro

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Lyrics: Ignited – Gundam SEED Destiny (1st Opening Song)
August 1, 2010, 2:08 pm
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yasashii sono yubi ga owari ni fureru toki
ima dake kimi dake shinjite mo iin darou?

dare mo ga kuzureteku negai wo motome sugite
jibun ga ochite yuku basho wo sagashiteru

kizutsukete yureru shika dekinai
zawameku omoi ga bokura no shinjitsu nara

kowareau kara ugokenai
sabishii hane kasanete
deau hikari no nai jidai no
mabishisa wo misete

kanashii me no mama de kuchizukete shimau tabi
motto zutto motto sotto mamoreru ki ga shita

kokoro shika dakishimeru mono no nai
kodoku no tochuu de miushinau sekai ga aru

kawareru koto ga kowaku naru
fukai kodou no saki ni
kawasu honoo ni egakareta
eien ga mieru

kowareau kara ugokenai
sabishii hane kasanete
deau hikari no nai jidai no
mabushisa dake

kawareru chikara osorenai
fukai kodou no saki ni
kawasu honoo yo egakareta
unmei ni todoke

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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny(2004)

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY, Kidō Senshi Gandamu Shīdo Desutinī?) is the second anime television series set in the Cosmic Era universe of Gundam by Sunrise. Set two years after the original Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny features many new characters and some returning ones. The series spanned 50 episodes (plus a recap episode entitled “Edited”), aired in Japan from October 9, 2004 to October 1, 2005 at 6:00 p.m. on the JNN TV stations TBS and MBS. The series won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize in 2004 and 2005.


Gundam SEED Destiny sets the story two years after the original series and follows pilot Shinn Asuka and the rest of the crew of the ZAFT battleship Minerva’s involvement in the Second Bloody Valentine War, as well as some returning characters from the previous series.[4] Three mobile suits are stolen from ZAFT by a group called Phantom Pain, which is controlled by the Blue Cosmos terrorist organization. Shinn Asuka and the Minerva try to intervene but the group manages to escape.[4] Shinn and the Minerva are then ordered to destroy the ruins of a space colony to prevent it from crashing into Earth. Returning character Athrun Zala decides to aid the crew of the Minerva to stop this. They find out rogue ZAFT soldiers are controlling the colony in order to cause it to crash into Earth.[4] After failing to completely destroy the colony, a second war starts once news has spread that ZAFT soldiers cause the colony to collide on Earth.

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WUT? Manga artist doing gunpla?! Emergency Filler for Gao~ Part 1
November 30, 2009, 11:50 am
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So Gao is having sexy time, meanwhile let me fill you in abit with my leetness in terms of Maeking Gunpla! :3 Well its something to entertain you till Mr Gao gets back, so how should we do this? My gundam history? Not much I pretty much introduced Gunpla to Jeffo by forcing him to buy SD models (The only stuff i actually maek) Now the guy has like MGs and shit lyke that and is more of an “Ore wa gundamu” Then I am. So Enough Ranting, wut Mech are you building? Well… Aegis Gundamu! I am a big fan of transforming mechs, that isn’t macross. Most of my favourite gundam mechs are transformable (Aegis, Wing Gundam, Wing Zero (Anime), Kyrios, Zeta…). I liek the versatility and the complexity of these mechs… although little can be said about my Gunpla building skills.

So Aegis: Heres the specs, thanks to MAHQ~:

So yeah, I will be doing my process of the Aegis HG 1/144 scale on this blog :3. but yeah it wont look as awesome as that but i do wut i can.

Sooo heres teh box.

Yeah just one of the stockpiles Gao got for me when he went to Taiwan, i have 2 other emergency models should i need to blog about em one day lol. So without further ado i opened the box and obviously it came with the plastic bits in clear wrapping, The manual is pretty damn wikid… but being a HG not much detail is to expected, but the damn thing transforms! I DONT CARE! ;D.

I’m not one for detail but I saw the parts and i fainted, i looked at the manual and fainted, and Gao probably enjoying his week off is probably off giggling to himself, I knew this was great torment for me, anything that is more than 3 pages of instructions… this one has 4, in A4 sized paper  made my life extremely disheartening. I am not a big fan of small parts and putting em together… yet alone have the tools for it.

Wait John your not a Gunpla master, you dont has the tools?! why are you making this are you trying to insult the gunpla people who actually BUILD this stuff?

Yes and…


Sitting around a table and picking away at plastic filing them is ALOT of hassle, i have the deepest respects for those guys, and talking to Gao when he was in Taiwan telling me he has to spend half an hour on the guns for his MG Justice Gundam. FUUUUUUUUUUU- CANT HANDLE PRESSURE!!! I’d have slammed down my tools in rage and played abit of World of Warcraft or something.All that filing, puting on decals, etc etc etc. DOES NAWT HAS Tyme. 1/144 is all i will do. I cbf 1/100 yet even 1/60. SRSLY NO 1/60 that stuff will melt my brain like putting butter in a hot pan.

So without further ado i took apart the stuff and started building… omfg the body itself has 17 steps… WHY CANT IT BE SIMPLE! SD only had  20 steps (I had an SD Aegis) MUTHA PUCKIN PHAILLL D= RAAAAGE. I looked at step 1, it took me 5 minutes to locate all the parts. Not to mention the amount of pink in this model is bloody excruciating. Its like watching Ken bitch slapping barbie singing Hannah Montanah songs mixed with the screaming cries of a maniac girl who was abused by domestic violence. I wont go into the color black :\

And yeah heres my tools LOL:

Budget, cheap probs the only expensive stuff is the markers… but that was given to me by Gao lol.

1) Scissors helps in removal from the area

2) Nail clippers act the same way as your normal clippers just really hard to work with i got used to it, it also has places you can sand paper too ;3

3) Hair clip, same things as tweezers but yeah i could use toothpicks as well if they don’t run to well.

I shall be expecting epic Gao rage when he sees this.

So step 1:

Not much to do here just plugged it in and aparently this is the chest piece… I might skip a couple of steps and get to the main point.

blurry cant fix it meh, this is the GAT-X303 frame. The frame that holds the arms the Scyllah (Cant spell today) 550mm cannon, the transfomraiton modules etc etc etc. when fixed together it looks lyke this:

So the three dots presumably fits the arms the hip thrusters in the middle and the legs down teh bottom. thats actually upside down in the pic but oh wells you’ll get over it lol.

Next are the core torso parts that hold the thrusters:

theres two of em so when made its done like this: I had to cut the cannon and the chest connector out as well:

And when put together:

SO yeah, fun times.

SO i get two of those arm things done and it looks like this:

This was abotu 45 minutes work :\ its quite flexible my arm parts and chest does not lock in so i need to review in with Gao to see wut is up with that when I show him next time.

Next is the skirt and backpack, i skipped those and go straight to what the final chest bit looks liek:

Alright enough of this model, it took me 2 hours jsut for the body And frankly about to get sick of it soon so i will continue this another day lol. Seriously couldnt taek it. I cant believe Jeffo can sit down and work on this for hours and hours and hours :\ Ah well enough rants. I will have a second post today hopefully for my practice.