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CC (Seireki)
December 30, 2009, 10:53 am
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CC (Seireki) is the fictional timeline of the anime television series Turn A Gundam and its related projects.

Seireki is the theoretical result of a merging of the other timelines seen in Gundam prior to Turn A. (It should be noted that the Cosmic Era and Anno Domini are NOT included in the timelines that lead to the Correct Century.) Set in an indeterminate number of years into the far-flung future, the Seireki (True History) is a universe in which all technology on Earth was destroyed, the culmination of mankind’s Black History. As a result, the technological level on Earth in this timeline is comparable to that of Earth in the early 1900’s.

In stark contrast to the backwoods nature of Earthlings is the almost utopic society of the Moon Race, a futuristic society which has changed the barren landscape of the moon into a paradise. The Moon Race is the only group which has advanced to the point of having their own Mobile Suits; the people of Earth only find Mobile Suits as relics of the far-flung past in archaeological digs, such as the MS-06 Zaku II (referred to as Borjarnon by the Earth militia) and the titular machine of Turn A Gundam, referred to by the characters as the White Doll.

Seireki hints at the fact that its past is the combined events of every previous Gundam series several times; however, the full truth is sealed away in the chronicles of the Black History, hidden on the moon — confirmation in the form of footage of the pivotal battles from all of the previous Gundam series. An attempt to recreate the Black History by Gym Ginghnam becomes the focus of Turn A Gundam’s plot when it nears its climax.