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Prototype PG Strike Freedom

Bandai has just released pictures of a full prototype of the upcoming PG Strike Freedom designed by Katoki Hajime and Co. While the previous prototype did not display Strike Freedom’s signature wings which the whole Gunpla world has been going on about, this one finally has and it’s no let down. One look and the difference in the wings are obvious compared to the other versions of Strike Freedoms, well partly cause I’m a Strike Freedom fan. XD

The 3 most noticeable differences are,

1. The overall design – The current design for the wings follows Katoki Hajime’s “expose-more-frame” style which is great considering Strike Freedom has a gold frame. More good news, similar to MG Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode, this one will also have Extra Finish Gold Frame Parts on all exposed joints and frame. In order to prevent the gold parts from being scratched off by movements in the wings, there will be a special sliding mechanism for seamless change of the wings from Normal Mode to Full Burst Mode.

2. The proportions – Without me having to tell you, this is going to be the biggest PG so far and with such a dramatic wing span, you wonder how come you haven’t noticed it on a MG Strike Freedom yet. The truth is, length wise, I believe both the PG and MG wings are more or less the same length when scaled down. The key to it is the proportions, which as you can see, Katoki Hajime has taken the liberty to sharpen and reveal more frame to give it a more majestic look and feel. I must say I am impressed.

3. Wing gimmick? – This took me so time to notice. As you can see from the above picture, the PG Strike Freedom’s are currently in Full Burst Mode. On closer inspection, you’ll notice the gap is a little large and there seems to be a locking mechanism within the wings. My take? Wings of Light, definitely. But, for the price tag, I’m pretty sure the wings will not come bundled with the kit. More likely, it’ll be a special parts issue like every other PG launched so far. oh, the price if you ask?

25, 000  Yen (exclusive of tax)

Yup, it isn’t going to be a chap kit especially since it will be coming with 55 Runners, LED mechanism, spring (not sure if it is spring lock) mechanism and clear stickers. :D

Comparatively, PG RX-78-2 has 24 runners (including beam sabers)

While, PG Astray Red Frame has 36 runners (including beam sabers of 1 runner each and katana)

Not forgetting the most recently launched, 00 Raiser has 32 runners (inclusive of beam sabers and beam swords)

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Masou Kishin – Lord of Elementals

If you ever thought nothing could beat the word count of Super Robot Taisen OG Saga – Endless Frontier Exceed, try this one: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga – Masou Kishin – The Lord of Elementals.

Yes, a brand new remake of the famous SRW EX Masou Kishin game from the SNES era right into the DS, announced just a few weeks after the release of Exceed. It seems like they aren’t wasting time trying to open holes into our pockets.

I can’t make out much from the scans aside from the visuals and the fact that Banpresto is indeed colaborating with Winkysoft in this one after a long rumored trouble. And I can’t comment much either for the fact that I have never played the old game and only seen what’s shown of Cybuster from the OG and Alpha series.

Update: some info from Terada’s post at the official blog.

It seems he wanted to bring back the Masou Kishin series since the early 2000’s, but never could fit it into his schedule. At the time, he was busy working on Compact and Alpha, as well as other spin-off stuff, so he could never go back to the original series (SRW 2 to 4 and F Final).

So his idea to fit the Masou Kishin back was to reset the original timeline and thus the OG series was born. This remake will mention names regarding events at the surface related to the OG version, instead of the original. Also, the original BGM will remain unchanged, and there will be no voices during attacks, just a few voices at specific map attacks like the original.

Update 2: the 1st PV and a few more info from Terada at the official blog:

* Just like the original version, the remake will have two parts, with something called “Memorial Day” in between.

* No robot encyclopedia, but there’s a glossary.

* No Support Attack or Defense, though there are special gameplay systems that were present in the original.

* There’s no A***** because he’s an original from Z.


SRW OG 1/144 Cybuster Model Kit

About 200mm tall, almost-complete transformation (hand unit to be detached for the process). Comes with two Familiars, and a customized display base.

November release, 8,190 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Comparison with the previous non-scale release.

Image and information from Kotobukiya.