SRW and Gundam HOTNEWS

Masaki Andou Profile

Pilot Name: Masaki Andou
Voice Actor: Hikaru Midorikawa
Nickname: Randall Zan Xenosakis, Masa
Theme Song: Neppu! Shippu! Cybuster
Units Piloted: Zain, Jaohm, Cybuster
Games Appeared: SRW 2, SRW 2G, SRW 3,SRW  EX, SRW 4, SRW OG Lord of the Elemental, SRW F, SRW  F Final, SRW Alpha, SRW Alpha Gaiden, SRW Original Generation 1, SRW Original Generation 2, and SRW Original Generations.

17 years old. He excels in various sports, such as karate and boxing. He has a very strong sense of justice, is honest, and impulsive. He has no sense of direction and gets lost easily, causing the others to forbid him to act on his own. He gets summoned to the world of La Giars, and pilots the Jaohm. He’s soon adopted by Zeoroot, who also acts as his master. He’s eventually sent on a mission to capture the Cybuster, in which he succeeds after fighting Saphine in battle. He is then chosen as the pilot of the Masoukishin Cybuster, and pilots it along with his two familiars, Shiro and Kuro.

Masaki has been chasing after Shuu since he found out the he was responsible for Zeoroot’s death. Masaki fought Shuu, and achieved Possession, resulting in a gigantic increase in his prana. He managed to defeat Shuu and his Granzon with ease due to its power, though he fainted immediately after. He chased Shuu Shirakawa all the way from La Giars to Earth, and ended up assisting the Hagane and Hiryuu Kai’s forces during all of the DC War.

He fought against Shuu and Bian during their final battle, but he wasn’t successful in defeating Shuu. Masaki left shortly after, and reappeared to help the Hiryuu Kai’s forces when they were attacked by the Aerogators at the White Star. Shuu also appeared to help them out, musch to Masaki’s dismay. Masaki didn’t fight with him since there were more important matters to deal with. Masaki stayed with the Hiryuu Kai and Hagane until the end of the war against the Aerogators.

Several months later, he appeared at Tesla Leicht Institute when they were being attacked by the Inspectors. He aided his friends in battle once more. He left after everything was over, but ended up coming to help them again during the Bartool incident.

Rein Weissritter Profile

Rein Weissritter
Unit Name: Rein Weissritter
Model Number: PTX-007-03UN
Height: 21.9 Meters
Weight: 65.5 Tons
Pilot: Excellen Browning
Weapons: Split Missile, Triple Beam Cannon, Howling Launcher E-Mode, Howling Launcher B-Mode, and Howling Launcher X-Mode.
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Weissritter Profile

Unit Name: Weissritter
Model Number: PTX-007-03C
Height: 21.7 Meters
Weight: 60.3 Tons
Pilot: Excellen Browning
Weapons: Split Missile, Neo Plasma Cutter, 3-Barrel Beam Cannon, Ochstan Launcher E-Mode, Ochstan Launcher B-Mode, and Ochstan Launcher W-Mode.
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Excellen Browning Profile

Pilot Name: Excellen Browning
Voice Actor: Yuko Mizutani
Group: ATX Team
Nickname: Ex-Oneesama (What Lamia calls her)
Theme Song: Platinum Lucifer
Units Piloted: Gespenst MK-II M, Weiss Ritter, Rein Weiss Ritter
Games Appeared: Compact 2-1, Compact 2-2, Compact 2-3, Impact, Original Generation, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

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Alt Eisen Profile

Unit Name: Alt Eisen
Model Number: PTX-003C
Height: 22.2 Meters
Weight: 85.4 Tons
Pilot: Kyosuke Nanbu
Weapons: Triple Machine Cannon, Split Missile, Heat Horn, Revolving Stake, Square Claymore, and Trump Card.

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Alt Eisen Riese Profile

Unit Name: Alt Eisen Riese
Model Number: PTX-003C-SP1Toshiyuki Morikawa
Height: 23.8 Meters
Weight: 99.7 Tons
Pilot: Kyosuke Nanbu
Weapons: Penta Chaingun, Split Missile, Plasma Horn, Revolving Bunker, Avalanche Claymore, and Aerial Claymore.

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Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector