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Story of SRW K
October 9, 2009, 12:42 pm
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STORYTIME! “Several hundred years after the fall of human civ-” Wait,
where was I? Oh yes *ahem*:

It was a time roughly one hundred years into the future, shortly after the
inauguration of the “Stellar Calendar”. Mankind had just awakened from its
old cultures, having progressed to building metropolises in space. Optimism
about Earth’s future was universal.

It was at that moment that the Earth was plunged into the depths of a lengthy
war. Mankind had already faced the onslaught of empress Himika’s “Great Jama
Empire” some fifty years previous, followed a decade or so later by the
invastion of the “Mimetic Beasts”. These creatures, foretold by Professor
Aoi Tetsuya, were accompanied by a rash of disappearances and abductions —
more than enough to instill fear and distrust of the unknown in mankind. It
was during these decades that the schism between the genetically optimized
“Coordinators” and unmodified “Naturals” grew too large for society to

The Great Jama Empire’s advance was halted that half-century ago by
mysterious barriers called “Zones”, which trapped the Jama on Kyuushuu. The
Mimetic Beasts have also disppeared at the climax of the five-year War of the
Titans. With these menaces past and Earth’s cities rebuilt, everyone assumed
peace had returned to the world.

Yet in the shadow of the recovery, relations between Naturals and
Coordinators had worsened to the brink of open warfare. That war finally
erupted between the Earth Federation Army and the Zaft, secretly spurred on
by the evil Doctor Hell’s machinations toward world domination. It took two
years, and the death of the ringleaders on all sides, to quell the fighting.

A half year has passed since peace returned, and the scars of war are still
fresh upon mankind. The people are doing their utmost to hang onto their
peace, so hard won, and spending their days quietly. It is Stellar Calendar
year 105, and no one has realized that a new terror is approaching head-on…

Story of SRW W
October 9, 2009, 12:41 pm
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Transitions in the Century Following the Establishment of the Federation Space

Earth, at the end of the last age.

As the cumulative effects of exhaustion of natural resources, environmental
decline and overpopulation reached their limits, the global economy and
established order were on the brink of collapse. The regional violence
gripping the Earth Sphere grew worse with each passing day, abruptly
degenerating into World War III.

Terrified of the war it had wrought, mankind sought to end the fighting through
the unification of all nations, and all peoples. Thus was the “Federated Earth
Nation” born, with dominion over all governance, all economics, and all
military matters. With the subjugation of the independent lunar metropolis –
defiant to the very end – in the so-called “Lunar Campaign”, the “Federation
Space Calendar” officially began.

The Federated Earth Nation sought to mend the scars of war through the
colonization of the new frontier: space. This project drew its strength from
the quantum leaps in the fields of physics and energy achieved during the war.

Construction of the space colonies, redevelopment of the moon’s surface,
development of Mars, surveys of outer space…

Space was not just the new frontier, but an ocean of hope. Numerous asteroid
cities and space colonies were constructed in an astoundingly short span. The
beginning of the Federation Space Calendar, with the influence of mankind
extended all the way to the orbit of Mars, could be called Earth’s honeymoon
with Space.

However, that honeymoon paled with the passage of time.

As the heat of pioneering that had encircled all mankind cooled, the
dictatorial bent of a few humans sapped the Federated Earth Nation of its
willpower. Resistance by the colonies, upon whom repression fell especially
heavily, was fierce. The resulting war between OZ, the actual rulers of the
Federated Earth Nation, and those who opposed them, eventually gripped the
entire Earth Sphere.

This conflict, known as the “Revolutionary War”, finally ended with the death
in battle of the Federated Earth Nation’s president, Treize Khushrenada. And
by his secret will, the world was reborn into a new order, where every nation
and people was valued alike. Governance was returned to individual nations as
in the previous age, and the “New United Nations” was born as a means of
uniting their wishes.

This took place in Federation Space Calendar year 98.

However, from that point forward, the Earth and mankind were faced with the
perpetual menace of assault from space.

The failure of the “Cygnalite Project” to explore the constellation Cygnus, and
the crash landing of a giant, artificial object known as “EI-01”, began an
invasion of mankind by forces believed to be of extraterrestrial origin.

What followed was the approach of life forms which came to be known as the
“Radam”. These beings took control of the Orbital Ring, greatly limiting
mankind’s access to space.

Moreover, incursions from an alien culture situated somewhere near Jupiter,
termed the “Jovian Lizards”, wrought the destruction of the city on the Martian
surface and indeed the total retreat of mankind from the Mars Sphere.

Meanwhile, a rash of terrorist incidents, fueled by the new technological
menace of robotics, struck the Earth’s surface.

Mankind had but taken its first steps under the New United Nations when these
threats wrought terror and anxiety, making peace a distant dream once more.
Problems supposedly solved lingered instead with no hope of solution, building
a critical mass at the world’s core that might never be removed.

Arbitrary divisions between men, such as between the “Coordinators” who had
undergone genetic engineering and the “Naturals” who had not, became a spark
which could ignite another conflict between mankind at any time.

In the Federation Calendar Year 99, the world is about to enter a new age of
conflict, in which even tomorrow is uncertain.

– Space Development Corporation, Historical Notes “Space Development
Report”, excerpted from Chapter 1 introduction


At the beginning of the Federation Space Calendar, the honeymoon of mankind and
space begat a new occupation, based on life in space. Its members are known as

They were tasked with constructing the colonies, terraforming asteroids, and
gathering raw materials – supporting the era of space development from behind
the scenes. Their numbers grew in step with demand, and their duties expanded
from mere transport to the opening of new space routes and exploration of
unexplored regions of space.

However, their very existence became an obstacle to the Federated Earth
Nation’s schemes to monopolize such commerce. When a series of restrictions
robbed them of their dwelling places, they began a new life taking commissions
from a variety of other sources. Some would contract them to protect merchant
vessels, while others would contract the theft of those same vessels. Some
even lowered themselves to thievery of their own devising, or what became known
as “Space piracy”.

Now, nearly a century after the institution of the Federation Space Calendar,
the majority of society thinks of the terms “Trailer” and “Space Pirate” as
synonymous. However, it is an indisputable fact that some Trailers exist who
inherited the character and frontier spirit of the original Trailers. These
true Trailers, from their dwelling on the hidden colony “Bit”, pride themselves
as “spacemen” in accepting the most difficult and dangerous of jobs to this
very day.

– Encyclopedia Galactica, “Trailers”

Story of SRW J
October 9, 2009, 12:36 pm
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Humanity have taken a great step being able to go out into space
as far as Mars, however they have not mentally matured and
solved their numerous problems with each others. The race of
genetically modified people Coordinators have emerged and the
gigantic ship called Orphan has arisen from the bottoms of the
sea. A Martian relic is found and many immigrated to the
terraformed Mars. People had hoped for a new age but with the
rapid changes come dissent and strife.

The Coordinators who have been driven into space by fear from
the Natural have established new colonies called Plants but the
Natural have begun to fear the independence movement of the
Coordinators. Those calling themselves Reclaimer have also
invaded and establish a base in Orphan although these facts are
hidden from people.

Cosmic Era year 69

From out of nowhere come the unmanned machines invading the
Martian settlement. The Federation that fought and lose against
these unmanned machines began a retreat from Mars leaving many
settlers still abandoned there. These machines now called the
Jovian Lizards have dropped Tulips onto the Earth which Jovian
mech have appeared from thus putting the Earth into a

There are those who have used this confusion and panic to
achieve their own ends and the voice against the Coordinator who
wishes total independence from the Natural-led Federation
continues to grow.

It is now Cosmic Era year 70
The battle with the Jovian Lizards has not yet concluded and
amidst the tension between Coordinator and Natural, the company
Nergal has completed its new battleship “Nadesico” and the story
begins here….

The day of Judgment is near…

Story of SRW D
October 9, 2009, 12:22 pm
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The Earth had been through many events over the past couple of decades.
During the Space year 109, The Zentradi war happened giving humanity first
contact with an alien race. It ended with peace between the two races thanks
to Lynn Minmei’s song and the SDF Skull Squadron pilot Ichijo Hikaru that
lead a part of the Zentadi to make peace. These Zentradi would later help
rebuild the Earth but Earth was still devastated by the War. Many people went
out into Space Colonies afterward and plans were made for Voyage Ship
carrying a city of people to new planets to colonize.

At Space Year 123 The Invaders first appeared on the moon and the Getter
Robo were created to fight them by Professor Saotome. The Invaders were
apparently wiped out.

At Space Year 129 The colonies which were devastated by the Zentradi war and
the Invader and was not cared for by the Federation began a revolt against
Earth Government lead by the Zeons in what became known as the One Year War,
in which the Federation won partly in thanks to Amuro Rei and the RX-78

During Space Year 130, Dr. Saotome soon seemingly died by the hands of
someone close to him shortly after his daughter Michelle died in a Getter
Robo G Combination practice

During Space Year 133, Professor Saotome turned up alive but insane and try
to used a legion of mass produced Getter Robo G to create the last days of
Earth. The reZult left the Earth permeated with Getter Radiation that would
take years to settle.

Other wars soon engulfed the Earth such as the Grips War against the Titans
and more during Space Year 137,138. During Space Year 145. OZ, a force much
like the Titans staged a successful Coup’ and assumed power in the
Federation. Meanwhile, a New Neo Zeon under the leadership of Char Aznable
prepared to send Axis hurtling towards Earth.

Story of SRW A
October 9, 2009, 12:21 pm
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Universal Century 0XXX.
The One Year War and the Gripps Conflict… After going through those two great
wars, Earth has earned some governmental peace. Mars has been succeeding its
terraforming, and wounds from Titans’ rebellion were healing. Earth’s renewal
was occuring in a high pace.

… At this point a disturbing event happens.

After losing their home planet and becoming wanderes, the people from Balm
wanted to join Earth’s civilization, and initiated a peaceful negociation.
Chances of they being accepted by the space colonies made Earth Federation to
take easy on it’s peace meeting.


In the peaceful meeting with Balmlings, the worst of the events, the
“Assassination of the Peace Ambassador”, throws everything into war.

In the middle of this chaos on Earth, in the Lunar Empire of Giganos…
Minister Gilthor concludes that this situation was created by the imcompetence
of the Earthnoids, and declares independence and starts a war against Earth.
And to make things worse, the constructed city of Mars is attacked by surprise
by an anonymous enemy, and the Hyakki Empire restarts an advance against Earth.

And this way, Earth is again engulfed into the fires of war.

Earth Federation couldn’t take care of all this sudden conflicts, and only one
thing was done, the 13th Earth Federation Autonomous Corps, Londo Bell, was

But… The Londo Bell Squad doesn’t realize at this time about the hidden truth
of the war, about the ones from the “the extremely far, limitlessly near

And even that “they” are the ones that breath into this fire.

Story of SRW OG2
August 15, 2009, 3:37 pm
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The year is 187 S.E. It’s
been six months since the
DC War against the Divine
Crusaders and the L5
Campaign against the
aliens known as the

In the aftermath, the
Earth Federation Army
(EFA) was forced to
restructure due to the
severe casualities it
suffered, even among its
leaders. Brian Midcrid,
once President of the
United Colonies, was
elected as the new Earth
Federation President.

Previously, he had
disclosed information on
the L5 Conflict to the
Federal Assembly. This
disclosure, later called
“The Tokyo Manifest,”
revealed the existence
of extraterrestrials who
possed a threat to the
survival of mankind.

Since then, President
Midcrid has announced
the Aegis Project, a plan
to rebuild and rearm the
EFA. He’s asked for
solidarity among all the
inhabitants of Earth. In
the name of the project,
he began to fortify the
planet by developing new
humanoid mechs and mass-
producing them.

However, trouble lurks
in the shadows…

Remnants of the Divine
Crusaders, a group once
led by Dr. Bian Zoldark,
along with individuals in
the Federal government
and the EFA, are scheming
to establish a military
And the forces working
in the Shadows,
as well as the mysterious
entities called “Einsts,”
will plunge
the human race
into even greater depths
of chaos…

Story of SRW OG
August 15, 2009, 3:29 pm
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Nearly two centuries ago,
the human race advanced into
space, ushering in the dawn
of a new era-The Space Era.

Due to the devastation
and turmoil caused by
the meteors that struck
Earth in the early years
of the 21 st century,
human life changed
little over time.

In 179 S.E., a third meteor,
Meteor 3, struct the Earth
near the Marquesas Islands
in the South Pacific.

A research team dispatched
by Earth Federal
Government(EFG) discovered
that Meteor 3 consisted of
substances containing
technology previously
unknown to man. They called
this new technology
Extra-Over Technology(EOT).

Further analyses were
conducted by the EOT
Investigative Committee
(EOTI) under the strict
supervision of the EOT

Upon conclusion of the
investigation, Dr. Bian
Zoldark, the head of EOTI,
reported to the EFG and
the Earth Federation Army
that an invasion by
extraterrestrial beings
was highly probable.

The EFG took the warning
seriously, and the
development of Personal
Troopers, humanoid mobile
units, began…