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Excellen Browning Profile

Pilot Name: Excellen Browning
Voice Actor: Yuko Mizutani
Group: ATX Team
Nickname: Ex-Oneesama (What Lamia calls her)
Theme Song: Platinum Lucifer
Units Piloted: Gespenst MK-II M, Weiss Ritter, Rein Weiss Ritter
Games Appeared: Compact 2-1, Compact 2-2, Compact 2-3, Impact, Original Generation, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

23 years old. She’s a member of the ATX Team, and her call sign is Assault 2. Her rank is Second Lieutenant. She likes to drink alcohol. She appears to be always happy, and carefree, though she’s actually a very smart person. She loves teasing the younger pilots, such as Bullet and Masaki, cheering up Aya when Ingram betrays the group, or helping Tasuku with his love problems regarding Leona. She likes for them to call her “big sister.”

Kyosuke is her lover. She’s been brainwashed by Ingram, and the Einst, but Kyosuke has saved her both times. Kyosuke and Excellen both survived ashuttle crash together when they were younger, and they were the only survivors. Excellen was in critical shape though, and was not going to survive. The Einst took her, and gave her Einst cells which made her 80% Einst and allowed her to survive.

Kyosuke and Excellen decided that ifthey were to ever have twin girls, that they would name them Lemon and Alchimie.

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